Dani Babb

Online Professor, TV Commentator, Author, CEO

My goal is simple - to help you achieve yours! I have been coaching others on how to get into the world of higher education as online professors for over a decade. I offer exclusive groups, host the Make a Living Teaching Online Yahoo forum for educators, wrote the first-ever book on how to become an online professor, offer CV Writing, job leads and many other services. I use my experience in the industry (since the beta version of Blackboard), and my current industry know-how and contacts to help others navigate this complex and very rewarding world of teaching others.

My brief bio:

PhD in Organizational Leadership, MBA in Business/IT, BS in Business

TV Commentator on the markets for CNN, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business and others

Author of eight books, including Make Money Teaching Online, Finding Foreclosures, The Adult Student, The Online Professor's Guide to Starting an Internet Business, The Accidental Startup, The Accidental Landlord and more...

CEO and Founder of The Babb Group, an Educational and Real Estate Consulting Services company in California and New York City

I look forward to working with you!