Daniela Guido

Entrepreneur, Ambassador of Fabulous

Hello! I´m Daniela Guido, entrepreneur and ambassador of fabulous; specializing in helping busy women feel creative in their clothing, by focusing on developing their unique sense of style.

Growing up in Brazil, my favorite pastime was to help grandmother design and tailor gorgeous clothes for my family. Because I had this loving and healthy relationship with fashion early on, my hobby has always been to guide my friends on how they can dress their best, effortlessly. Adding to that, I moved from Brazil to Mexico, Spain, England, Denmark, Philippines now I live in Bangkok, which broadened my perception of beauty and style.

One day, I decided to turn this hobby into a career, so I took a formal education in fashion business.

Now, I work with my clients (from all nationalities, ages and sizes), teaching how they can:

  • - Find a sense of style that makes them smile
  • - Dress their best to any occasion
  • - Simplify their closet for less frustrating mornings
  • - And ultimately feel joy when putting outfits together.

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