Daniel Lombard

Business Analyst

My Personal Aim

I aim to help people, throughout life in what ever knowledge I have I like to empart my knowledge to anyone who wish to listen.

About Me

From my early career in Hotels Management through to my current role as a Business Analyst, I have always had a passion to train people. I have a natural knack to just give information out to people whether asked for or volantary. 

As an Business Analyst I get to understand the requirements provided to me and I get to understand how to distribute that knowledge to a wider audience. I like being part of change projects and as a business analyst I get to be invovled in the full project cycle and understand the implication of the change on people. 

On a personal level, I love traveling which is one of my biggest passions, this prompted me to start a travel blog. Since then I have build a large number of websites and some commercially. 

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