Daniel Kern

Enterpreneur - Teacher - Communication Specialist - Coach

My name is Daniel Kern. Throughout my life, I had different jobs. In some, I was very successful, yet, in others not so much. What I’ve learned was, that everything in life comes back to “sell it.” Whether it comes to selling a product, a service, you own work performance or your ideas. The goal is always to convince people to invest time, money, energy, or 'only' their emotional support.

Since I understood that, I began intensively to look at techniques on how to make is “sales process” better, i.e. better. Success proved me right.

Meanwhile, I am the owner of several companies and live pleasantly from selling products, services, and ideas. I would like to pass this ability on. Therefore, I began to convey my knowledge to other people.

My books have been translated into several languages and partly they are also in different formats, for example, as an audio book, available.

I wish you all the success possible with this course. I would be grateful if you sent me your suggestions to ensure the course does not stop evolving, bringing people more and more success.

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