Daniel Cheung

Professional Forex Trader / Investor

- Edit Headline Professional Currency/Forex Trader 专业外汇交易商

- 4/5 years of experience in trading

- Founder of CK Trading Group

- Experience from junior to Senior FX Broker

- Kas will also be mentoring along side managing his Fund (Ex Analysts at JPMorgan)

Long side managing other business (more like a Hobby) wannabechamp_fitness on Instagram , Dan is a personal fitness trainer.

I spent many years trying to understand what job I could would enjoy, one that has abundance of opportunity financially and where I could take holidays when I wished rather than filling out a form 3 months in advanced. So I stumbled across trading where everyone would talk about how much money people make. I took my first step by investing in a course to trade stocks for a propriety firm in the US to learn all the basics how charting, after the course I realised that I would need a lot more capital to be able fund myself through my journey. During this time I was headhunted to become a FX broker, where I became the best performer for the ROW (Rest of the World excluding China), then moving to the China team and becoming best performer there for every month consistent until I quit to become a full time trader.

Throughout my time at the brokerage I learnt to trade, learnt how the market works, built my connections and developed my strategy. Where I just needed refining and tuning to be able to live off, so since 2015 I have been a professional Forex Trader and could not be happier!

One of the many reason I started CK Trading Group is so that you, yes YOU reading this can have the same opportunity I had. I spent 4 years and around £10,000 just to be able to where I am today, it was a journey worth every second and penny.

Now my next goal is to build a good strong trading team within CK Trading Group and we will open up a prop firm/hedge fund, we will decide when the time comes. Are you up for the challenge?

If you are serious about trading, then the first rule I can share with you is that you need to understand what ‘Investing is’ so start by investing in yourself.

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