Dan Holton

Guitar Tutor at Udemy

I am the owner and manager of a company called Your Guitar Academy. I designed and created the enormous course content that all the professional guitar tutors now teach from. I started the company up about 7 years ago, and we now have 30 full time guitar tutors teaching over 1000 students a week!

Separately to that I have built and sold online courses and worked with a huge amount of guitar companies creating custom guitar lesson content for their blogs and membership websites. I am a definitely a guitar tutor first and a guitarist second... which is a rare breed in this world! I love teaching and have taught thousands of students across the country in the last 7 years, building up my skills, experience and abilities as a tutor along the way.

I am hoping to sell my blues guitar beginners course on your site as it is an amazing course, very in depth and extremely professional. It took years of developing, and needs to be seen by the world!


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