Damir Perge

Venture Capitalist / Entrepreneur / Financier / Author

Damir Perge is a venture capitalist, financier, entrepreneur and the author of Entrepreneur Myths, and the upcoming book Soccerpreneur. He is the founder of entrepreneurdex, a startup studio using complexity science to fund, launch, accelerate and scale startups and growing businesses.

With more than 25 years experience, Damir worked with ventures in the technology, internet, media and publishing, entertainment, energy, and manufacturing sectors raising more than $1 billion in capital for various companies and investing more than $50 million into startup and emerging ventures. He's sat on the boards of 11 companies, served as editor-in-chief of Futuredex, a private equity magazine. Damir spoke to MBA students at Oxford University about his experiences as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.

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