For over 25 years Damian Andrews has been a study of peak performance in human behaviour. In varying careers from the Defence Force to Marketing and TV to Accounting and Law to Construction to name a few, the skills of peak performance have been refined, honed and tuned on a perpetual continual improvement quest.

A full time career started at 18, leaving school and joining the Army for term of 4 years in which many personal limits were broken. Many of today’s corporate boot camp training experiences were part of daily life, from rock climbing, parachuting, submarines and physically pushing the body’s limits beyond what was believed could be achieved.

Down time was used to study under such teachers as Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Dr Wayne Dyer and others. These teachers laid the foundation of knowledge for future development.

After the Army, the next challenge was mining in remote North Western Australia. A barren land where temperatures could fluctuate from below zero to scorching heat in one day. However to keep people motivated, fit and healthy, Damian set out and ran physical training and mind awareness sessions at the camp site’s gym.

Returning home, formal university study was undertaken in the field of accounting and law. Shortly after commencement, employment with a corporate recovery firm was attained. This position involved the management of a variety of financially distressed companies requiring exceptional personnel management skills.

The next step was out on one’s own as an advisor providing commercial and management expertise. Fulfilling direct on the job engagements plus also presenting training on various topics, delivering knowledge in person to both small and large listed companies.

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