Damian Branstetter

Social Media Enthusiast

Hi my name is Damian, I'm a Social Media Enthusiast. I have been on Social Media for over 6years but I have been building pages and profiting from Social Media for 2years. After building Social Media accounts for family and friends I learned there was some serious potential out there for Social Media Marketing and also what the general public didn't know about Social Media Marketing. I have built Instagram accounts from 0-30,000 Following in under a month and have worked with multiple businesses marketing campaigns to improve sales.

With the success I have had over the time doesn't stop me from wanting to learn more from others experiences everyday and also help others learn more about Social Media Marketing. I'm always trying to stay innovative and create new software's and strategies to stay ahead of the Social Media Marketing game.

You could go ahead and say I'm very passionate about Social Media Marketing and would love to share my knowledge with the rest of you! I hope to see you guys in the inside!

-Damian B

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