Dallas Rivers

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Author, Speaker

Dallas Rivers is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, life coach and business owner. In 2003 he started his business with zero in the bank, and living on food stamps, to making over $250,000 annually in just a few short years. He has written three books and contributed articles on sales marketing and entrepreneurship to various business magazines, including Success Magazine Online.

With a degree in social and behavioral science and hundreds of interviews, meetings, and consultations with top level decision makers, Dallas Rivers has discovered the keys to unlocking the doors to winning in business and personal relationships.

Establishing himself as an expert in the cleaning industry, Dallas has mastered the fine art of persuasion through his company, by landing big service contracts.

How did he do it? By retracing his steps, he realized he had a unique ability to persuade others. His passion for people and his skill in influencing them, made him successful.

From being in a body cast after falling from a 3 story building at the age of 5, serving in the Army, to his entrepreneurial ventures, Dallas knows what it takes to succeed not only in business, but in life.

Dallas lives in Northern California, is a father of three awesome kids, and has the most charismatic dog ever, an English Mastiff/Boxer named Caleb.

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