Dr. Dalia Ihab Younis

Creative Learning Director

"Word and Voice artist. Creative director with over 6 years of providing creative solutions to national ‎and multi-national clients. Not just bilingual in writing and VO performance, but also bi-dialectal ‎‎(British & American English and Egyptian & Lebanese Arabic). Special interest in entrepreneurship ‎and social activism. Passionate for extraordinary experiences and Tencho-holic!"‎

Creative writers are usually the worst people, I believe, to write an autobiography. Since I'm already fed up with pressing the backspace and delete more than letters let me put this in the most direct and simple way:

- Born in June 5th 1986 in Egypt (where I studied, worked and got married).

- Been an A student at school because I loved everything about it and a perfectly-average student at the faculty of Medicine because, obviously, I hated everything about it.

- Started working as a freelance creative writer, virtual assistant and web admin at 2008; 2 years before my graduation.

- One year after my graduation, I decided to do a full career shift into the creative industry (yes, I quit being a doctor for my writing passion).

- Got a great job at an advertising agency as a copywriter. Ironically the agency was specialized in healthcare.

- Spent 3 years there where I learned 80% of what I know about business. The other 20% I learned from working as a freelancer.

- Witnessed January 25th revolution, the best thing that happened to Egypt in its history so far.

- Became a social activist and supported many entrepreneurial projects.

- 3 years after the revolution I decided I don't wanna sell ideas for people to get money. I wanna sell ideas for causes.

- So I joined an NGO called Tahrir Academy where my role, as a Creative Director, is to simply turn boring education into a fun, mind-stimulating experience through making creative educational videos.

- Proud of my mistakes more than my achievements, always connected to the child inside and strong believer in the Islamic concept of 'God serves you as long as you serve people'.

You can always check my LinkedIn profile for more details on my career.

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