Dagmar Khan

Movement Educator and Stress Management Specialist

Dagmar Khan is a leading movement educator and pain management specialist who helps people live better in their bodies. From those exhausted with chronic pain to everyday people with sports and repetitive injuries, she creates a holistic approach to whole body alignment and pain-free wellness. Based in Ireland, Dagmar is the first Yoga Tune Up Teacher Trainer in Europe and is leading the way with restorative movement in her market.

With a focus on embodied movement, emotional wellness and stress resilience, Dagmar focuses on living these principles in her daily life. When she's not working with clients you can find her walking in the woods, moving her body in amazing and wondrous ways and delighting in books on human movement, self-care and pain management. Alongside her husband and 14-year old son, she loves going on new adventures to explore the world, spending lazy days in rolling meadows, catching the latest blockbuster or indie film or trying out the latest cuisine from around the world.