Mr. dalexis peguero

Life Coach I help people change and modify their behavior

What’s cooking guy? It’s Alex! 

Want to know what I do? I teach people how to stop smoking weed.

How did I get in this field? The truth was that I was stubborn. AA didn’t work, the 12 step approach didn’t work, none of the treatments available to the public was working with me.

I really felt helpless because nothing under the subject of dealing with addiction to weed helped.  It was a horrible feeling to feel as though I couldn’t control myself. 

So I began to study every kind of book imaginable! From books on neural linguistic programming (nlp) all the way to books on energy healing. All in the hopes of finding one thing that worked.

After 4 years of trial and error, relapsing here, relapsing there, I was finally able to break through.

I now teach men and women how to stop smoking weed with techniques specifically geared for people who are stubborn at heart... because I know I was.