Patrick Dang

consultant | educator | traveler

Hi there. My name's Patrick and I want to be real with you for a moment.

Growing up, I was always worried about what other people thought of me so I always kept my mouth shut. If I didn't say anything...nobody could say negative things about me right?

But surprise, surprise- not only did I become known as that weirdo kid who never talks, but I was living a lie.

And so, I spent the next 7 years consciously developing the confidence and communication skills to express my true self, which naturally let me to develop a strong passion for business development and marketing.

After working in the corporate world with Oracle and becoming one of their top 1% producers in sales and working at a Y-Combinator backed start up, Lob; I decided to break out on my own and make a difference in this world!

Now, I spend the majority of my time traveling the world, speaking, and empowering hundreds of business owners and professionals to grow their business using the most cutting edge sales and marketing strategies.

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