Amit Gupta

Mentor and Teacher

Hi! I am Amit. Thank you for visiting this page and investing the time to know more about me.  

About My Courses:
1. My courses are directly targeted at creating new sought-after skills that will boost your career prospects or earning potential 
2. The courses are crafted in a manner so that you understand the business impacts or opportunities that become available to you when you learn these new skills 
3. The technical aspects are presented in easy to understand, step-by-step flow so that the learning process is smooth.
4. If you get stuck at some point during the course, or if you feel that some lectures require more elaboration. I am always available for helping you. Training videos are just the starting point, my support to your learning process extends beyond that. 

About Me:
Adept in multiple programming environments, I have been associated with 200+ projects and several complex state-of-the-art platforms during the last 15 years. 

I have created, trained and lead large development teams.  One of my self-founded businesses was acquired in an international M&A deal. Many of my architected projects have added significant value to people and enterprises over the years. 

You will find pieces of my work in several places:
Catastrophic Risk management for billions of dollars of US assets, 
Bespoke CMS systems for global Architectural firms and Nasdaq listed pharma firms, 
In hundreds of Health, wellness and golf facilities in US & Canada, 
GIS & Mapping Platforms, 
Medical Transcription platforms, 
Mobile App Startups, 
& on passenger aircrafts. yes! the ones that fly :)

In addition to my passion for technology, i have adhered to a strong formal education track, including a 2 year fulltime MBA.

When not in front of my desk, I am an avid runner and run half-marathons every year in multiple racing events.

Join me in my Courses:

Sign up to my courses and join me in this amazing adventure today. It would be my pleasure to be a part of your success story in your career and business growth!

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