Cynthia Mccallister

Learning & Development (L&D)

"Miss Cynthia," as school kids call her, is a wife, mother, teacher, school reformer, literacy scholar, and university professor.

She is the creator of Learning Cultures, an educational model based on the understanding that people learn best when they are curious, engaged, and attentive. But more importantly, they learn most deeply when they have opportunities to think in the company of others. Underlying the Learning Cultures model is a theory of literacy instruction developed by Cynthia that accounts for the role that social context plays in establishing ground rules for literacy competence and the responsibilities that the student must assume within the context of the learning community. This approach teaches students literacy skills as well as the social competencies and responsibilities required of literate people.

Cynthia McCallister holds the position of Associate Professor of Education at New York University. She has pursued her scholarly career with one foot in the world of academia and the other firmly planted in public school classrooms, merging insights about how schools work and students learn into a synergistic approach to education that is functional, pragmatic, and accountable to principles of learning theory and developmental psychology. As a scholar, Cynthia’s primary commitment is to translate cutting-edge theory into forms of knowledge that are functional at the classroom level.

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