Cyndi McCoy, B.Phil. (Hons), A.C.C.

24:7 Friend Founder, Credentials from Int'l Coach Federation

After winning awards in arts and academia, including one year at Oxford University, Cyndi discovered the life-changing impact of personal coaching. Some of the most profound changes in her life were the result of one-on-one personal coaching conversations. The consistent results of personal coaching drove Cyndi to study three personal coach training programs, earn her credentials from the International Coach Federation, found a coaching company serving six countries, design her own personal coaching software, create the Five Boundaries Workshop™, and design a coach training program. Cyndi’s skills and passion are in helping you make change happen in any of the 7 areas of life – your relationships (family, social, and professional), your health, money, physical surroundings, fun & stress relief, time management, and worldview.

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