Dr. Csaba Ortutay

Adjunct professor of bioinformatics

I have experience with bioinformatics related to human immunity, focused on databases, evolution and systems biology. I teach genetics, phylogenetics, and evolution at different Universities in Finland and Hungary.

My expert areas: computational and systems biology related to immune processes, molecular evolution of gene families.

I have conducted bioinformatics research during the past two decades using and developing algorithms and tools for answering research questions using computers as tools. I use (among many other methods) enrichment analysis routinely when I want to characterize larger gene or protein groups, and I have applied it for locating essential genes in human immune functions. I have published more than two dozen scientific publications from my results, for example, about disease gene identification, the evolution of immune functions, and biological networks.

Other areas I am involved: Biological databases, Genomics related web applications, University level teaching online and on-site.

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