WestZenji MindLabs

Practical Media Psychology + Creative Training

My name is Chris Craig and my life is dedicated to researching, developing, and producing premium mindfulness courses for creative professionals.

I grew-up in a household that strongly encouraged "outside-the-box" thinking and I was exposed to metaphysics, philosophy, and psychology from a very early age. Though I have always been passionate about these subjects, my heart ultimately lead me into a creative career - beginning in the mid 90's as an EDM Producer/DJ, and evolving into a creative career in broadcast TV.

For over 12 years I have worked on everything from internationally-broadcasted unscripted series, to development promos, to corporate videos, music videos, commercials, and interactive content. I have designed curriculums for the Toronto Film School, and taught the psychology and techniques of film editing for six years.

However, the courses we provide are not designed to be authoritarian. They are not designed to simply feed you information to memorize. We are not in the business of telling anyone "what is".

Instead, we're in the business of helping you discover and understand the truth about each of these crafts for yourself.

Our courses and training resources are designed to awaken a new understanding - a re-framing - that will reshape your skills and empower you to reach your absolute creative potential ASAP. Of course, this sounds like hocus-pocus, but it's all firmly rooted in legitimate science as each course clearly illustrates.

Our courses are built with the consultation of experts in psychology and neuroscience and are presented with a simple, clean, and easy-to-understand format. No bells, no whistles, just deep, dense, and mind-transforming lectures with visual aids where necessary.

As an instructor, I am not gifted with special knowledge - I'm not a guru. I am a seasoned professional but I am not special among professionals. I was simply born with a neurotic habit of over-thinking things and, over time, I managed curbed it into an asset. That asset has provided tremendous value to countless students in my classrooms, through private mentoring, and as of recently, through online forums like Udemy.

The goal of my courses is not to teach, but to awaken. It's a different type of learning that is both fun and deeply satisfying. We wont teach you any hands-on skills, but we will teach you how to use those skills in the most potent and powerful way possible with real and tangible results.

Thank you for your consideration and I sincerely hope to become part of your successful career.

- Chris Craig