Corey Dee Williams

Fitness Lifestyle Coach

Corey Dee has a lifetime of experience helping others improve their health, and has worked as a trainer to Hollywood actors, celebrities, and world renowned fitness professionals. His distinctive approach and positive methodology contribute to his success as a Fitness Lifestyle Coach.

In 1991 Corey Dee came up with the unique concept to create personal exercise programs based on Body Type or genetic makeup. Over the next several years, other very complex programs with similar ideas were released. The effectiveness of this approach became apparent, and he began to look for ways to simplify his original concept.

While recovering from heart surgery for tachycardia in 1998, Corey went to work on the production of a no-nonsense total fitness program for the purpose of providing people with simple solutions. He began by painstakingly documenting all of the key factors that contributed to the success of his clients. He would then combine that information with a lifetime of fitness training experience to create a "keep it simple" approach to fitness, weight loss, and health called Key2bFit. Over 19 years went into the development of this extraordinary program, which is now available in online courses here on Udemy.