Corey Peiffer

Musician, Digital Marketing Specialist

Touching lives. Transforming businesses.

Music. Marketing. Fitness. Comic. Writing.
Handyman. Homeschool. Adoption. Entrepreneur. Father. Husband. Faith.

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As a digital marketing specialist, I’ve had the privilege to serve interesting and successful business people.
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Music – serving the Vero Beach, Florida, community – live piano and voice entertainment – piano and voice lessons
I started my music career at the local sub-base chapel while serving as a nuclear reactor operator in the US Navy.
Currently I serve as organist, pianist and vocalist at a local church, direct two country-club community choirs, provide live entertainment for private events, serve a handful of piano and voice students, and serve clients in my recording studio.

Digital Marketing – coaching and services helping individuals, businesses and ministries boost revenue, build relationships, and gain more customers/members
My passion for technology and music fused in learning to market my music work online. Skills gained quickly turned to serving clients in their unique needs for powerfully effective online marketing strategies.

Comic – turning LEGO bricks into comics and videos – teaching life’s lessons
My passion for LEGO bricks has spread to my children. Our collection has grown and taken over an entire room … our design studio aka the “LEGO room”. Together we’re creating and storytelling … developing a motion comic video studio for the writing and production of a comic series and short story videos … and assisting others that enjoy this niche interest.

Creative Writing – You create, we publish.
Featuring Caleb Peiffer’s Wheelchair Sleuth Mysteries trilogy! Also providing author coaching, publishing and promotional services. Whether doing the writing, or guiding others through their skills … communication through the written word is an art form we enjoy.

Mobile – Know ANYONE who doesn’t own a mobile phone? Neither do I.
Whether interested in free mobile services, additional income, or career income, sharing mobile services can be quite rewarding.

Fitness – inspiration, tools, and strategies for your own weight loss and fitness journey
My own fitness journey has had its own stories of weight, energy, clarity and well-being.
Whether interested in your own fitness journey, helping others, additional income, or career income, sharing wellness can be quite rewarding.

Technology - My technology skills have created a demand to assist folks with computer, tablet and smartphone assistance.

Handyman - Having grown up on a used car dealership and part-time farm in rural Pennsylvania, I teach my sons valuable manual labor skills, and together we provide assistance to local homeowners and businesses with assorted projects.

Hobbies & Interests:

RV: Hungry to travel and experience the United States and Canada by motorhome.

Firearms: Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Corey spent many years target shooting on his grandfather's farm, and hunting with his family.

Submarines: Having spent eight and a half years serving the US Navy as a nuclear reactor operator and electronics technician, Corey enjoys a variety of military interests.

RC vehicles: Off-road radio control vehicles.

Homeschool: Raising four children (two bio sons and two adopted daughters), Corey assists his wife, Sandi, in preparing the next generation of entrepreneurial, hard-working Americans helping to make this world a better place.

Adoption: My wife and I have adopted 2 daughters from China. My wife is connected and actively involved in the Asian Adoption community.

Family: Providing mentoring guidance and experiences - enjoying life's journey and preparing for further meaningfulness and contribution.

Faith: Active in church, Bible study and prayer.

To God be the glory:
I’ve had my share of failures, mistakes and sins. I strive to follow my passion, serve humanity as God has prepared me, and help others in their life's journey.