Connor McCreesh

Freelance Expert, Education Startup Founder, Physicist.

I love creating and helping others create businesses! I'm a passionate entrepreneur through and through, with interests in some of the Worlds grandest challenges, Energy, Healthcare and Access to Space.

A Little About Me :

  • - Running a freelance business since the age of ~17, now automated and growing.
  • - Have a Masters Degree in Nanoscale Physics.
  • - Recently started an Entrepreneurial Education Start-up, "Provos", currently testing content for free on Youtube (check my link).
  • - Leading a student team to build a small fusion reactor.
  • - Working on a "Lab-on-a-chip", capable of real time detection of nearly any pathogen, Ebola for example.
  • - Trains and competes in Mixed Martial Arts for sport.

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