Connor Benoit-Milner is a Entrepreneur who started in The City of London. Now privately teaches new traders and business professionals how they can consistently take advantage on the inconsistencies of the financial markets. 

As a self described "Unorthodox Style" Connor likes to explore some of the best strategies and the worst strategies and combine them to allow Students to understand to do and what not to do when trading any market.

Connor also is a huge believer in Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech being the future and Trading Financial Markets to achieve your goals.

Connor has pitched his ideas in front of a major companies to travelling to 3 continents in 1 year. This was all possible by what he learnt in his trading.

He applied this knowledge to develop a wide range of courses for trading to developing your business. All of these courses for all skill levels that have all the information you nee to become successful in any field you are in.

The reason Connor wanted to create these courses is to share his story and to help all people avoid making life changing mistakes. Connor's goal is to change lives through teaching.

Currently Invested in several ICOs, Partnership with a Luxury Watch Manufacturer and Financial Brokerages. Interested in any amazing ideas!

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished" Lao Tzu

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