I have been teaching privately Bitcoin/Blockchain and Trading for nearly 3 years. It has been an amazing experience exploring the world teaching/trading and learning along the way.

I am invovled in many new Blockchain Projects and Business Development Ventures (Fluctus Group) but I still have more and more people have request I teach them all about bitcoin or trading stocks I have started Udemy Courses. It is to share experiences rather than just reading off of a sheet or article online. 

I feel Udemy lacks cryptocurrency teachers and as I feel this is the future of our technological world I have made it my mission to create 50 Courses in 2017 about different cryptocurrencies and tokens that includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and even new ICOs.

NO TECHNICAL JARGON! My Motto is "Simple Courses are Effective Courses" I want every student to leave each courses fully understanding everything. 

Interested to hear any suggestion on courses. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon! 

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