Winnie and Nadette are not only twins but also dream achieving partners. They have been accomplishing goals together for more than 5 years and have won 2 awards for their cinematic efforts. Their story began with an idea for making a film that documented the loss of the historic Taiwanese village where they were raised by their grandparents during much of their childhood. The documentary was a very important milestone for the twins. It symbolically represented their new beginning and well as the opening of a new chapter for their whole family. 

Their grandfather moved to Taiwan from China at the end of Chinese Civil War in 1949, where he began his new life, got married and started a family. In 2009, the village was scheduled for expropriation per government policy. Winnie and Nadette decided to make a film about their grandparent’s village to share their childhood memories with family and friends, viewing the loss of the village as a new beginning and the opportunity to create new memories. Having started learning from ground zero, overcoming many challenges in a short timeframe and eventually completing the film as planned, 

Winnie and Nadette regard themselves as dream achievers and keep setting new goals and embarking on new projects with people around the world every year. In addition to continuing to work in film and web development fields, Winnie and Nadett’s latest goal is to travel around the world freely and they have visited 4 countries to date: America, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Cambodia. 

They hope in sharing their experiences they can inspire people and challenge dreamers to push their limits.

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