Collin Bain Metcalf

Guided over 500 successful job seekers into dream jobs

Over 500 successful students!

Headhunter with years of experience working with the Fortune 500, Midmarket firms, and startups! Guided job hunters in IT, Accounting, Finance, Operations, and C-Suite management!

As a headhunter who has worked inside of the hiring process, I know the secret ingredients to success, and I can't wait to teach you my proven system!

My students get 2-3 times more interviews than they did before taking my courses and typically find a great job in an average of just 15 days.

*I should note that these results are based on an average of my past students and are no way a guarantee of what you can achieve. Without a willingness to follow my course to the letter and put in major work you will not achieve these results.*

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