Colleen Schell

Founder of The Leadership Revolution

Colleen is the Founder and Creator of The Leadership Revolution, an online training course that gives emerging leaders the tools and capabilities to step fully into their leadership so that they can transform the world. She leverages the power of emotional intelligence and transformational education to help people access their true leadership abilities and take actions that empower their leadership commitments. Colleen's extensive work, network, unique background, and love for people, allows her to support some of the most interesting, committed and world-changing people on the planet. Her current and past clients include global companies like Intel, Google, GAP, and Microsoft, and start up organizations like IGIGI, MindTime, Cortica, and OpenDoor.

In the past, Colleen worked as the VP of Marketing for the environmental marketing and research agency, ecoAmerica, where she partnered with top organizations (REI, ClifBar, Disney) and NGO's (Sierra Club, Environmental Defense, The Nature Conservancy) to create national programs to change the behaviors of “environmentally agnostic Americans".

She also worked as the Director of Business Development at Carat, the world's only independent global communications agency, securing and growing some of the world's leading brands including Microsoft, New Line Cinema, Adidas, Gateway, Sony, Intel, Sprite and CBS.

And finally, Colleen has a bold promise: All children loved. She works to fulfill this promise by actively creating and supporting projects and non-profit organizations that make a difference in children's lives.