Carl Logrecco

Coach Carl

Carl started his career training with no other than Anthony Robbins and was employed with Robbins Research as a results coach. Shortly after starting his own consulting and coaching company for doctor’s Carl was asked to serve as Vice President of a medical coaching company as well as CMO/CSO of two 20 million dollar leadership, entrepreneurial growth and personal growth companies founded by authors of the infamous movie “The Secret.” Carl wrote his first bestselling book in 2011, “Healthy, Wise and Amazing Women.” The book was inspired after he delivered his daughter, Tristin.

Carl has personally coached several hundred doctors, coaches, and entrepreneurs in the past 16 years in the practice of leadership, communications, marketing, sales teams and breakthrough strategies. In some cases leading the entire marketing and sales teams for select clients. He has facilitated over 100 seminars in transformation, business and entrepreneurship.   

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