Clive Smit

Author, Coach, Communicator & Lifestyle Solopreneur

Clive was born to communicate and help people live larger lives. Born in
South Africa he was part of the pastoral teams of 2 churches for 10 years.
He then moved to New Zealand where he served in another church for 6 years
before leading another for 2.5 years. 1000's of lives have been transformed
by Clive's engaging and practical communication and training style. During
this time he has led thousands of volunteers, and developed skills in:
communicating, training, marketing, leading board meetings, counselling,
mentoring, financial management, etc.

Since then he has been a business development manager for one of New
Zealand’s most innovative recruitment companies.

Clive could not shake what he was born to do, and so now has turned his
hand full time to producing creative materials that can help people to live
larger and more fulfilled lives.

Clive is married to Selina and has 4 beautiful kids. He loves to spend his
time with his family, mountain biking, hiking, reading, watching good
movies, meditating and anything to do with the sea.

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