Clinton Buelter

Lead / Senior Technical Recruiter

I have always been fascinated by studying people and what makes us tick!

Hey! I'm Clinton Buelter.

I've built a number of top notch technical teams in competitive markets like the Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas.

Before jumping out and launching my own company (I used a lot of my recruiting and cold emailing powers to do all of my own business development.) I was a very successful technical recruiter at VMware - a large U.S. software company that provides cloud and virtualization software and services with revenues in excess of $5 Billion.

I've also recruited for startups and mid size companies like Glassdoor.

I'm driven by finding the most effective way to do things, personal development, (helping other people) recruiting, software, and traveling.

I'm a firm believer that if you have the right mindset and work ethic. You can learn and achieve anything you set before yourself (and even outperform the "naturals").

I hope that the information I share will help you surpass my level of performance and success : ) Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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