Cliff Rosa

Promotional and Training Video Services for Entrepreneurs

I'm Cliff Rosa: video producer and technology coach. In 1999 I started out as a classroom teacher, and soon rediscovered a passion for video through a traveling video production bus called All the Arts for All the Kids: ArtsLAB. The advent of cheaper/smaller digital camcorders and iMovie made it possible to introduce elementary students and teachers to the basics of film-making and digital video editing. I was hooked!

I made videos with my students, for my school, for my church, and about my growing family. In the following years, I transitioned from classroom teacher to technology coach. I helped schools develop on-campus and online video broadcast solutions. I reinforced my lessons on the basics of Google Drive with videos. I created dozens of promotional videos for school programs, grants, and events. I produced and coached others through literally hundreds of videos through my video production classes and teacher training. My most significant teaching memories are witnessing my students blossom in their digital storytelling skills. Basically, I used video in just about every educational context I could find.

During those 9 years of tech leadership in the schools, not only were my tech skills growing, I was growing as a person. I got my first iPod and was soon devouring podcast and audiobook content by Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, and many others who got me thinking outside the “career track" lines. I began feeling drawn toward free enterprise. When the “opportunity" arose, I decided to launch into business for myself starting Rosa Media Productions. Now I help entrepreneurs, consultants, and organizations get their message out to their target audience. It is a pleasure for me to team with subject matter experts to amplify their reach with video courses.

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