Clare Josa

Speaker, Mentor, Author Of Dare To Dream Bigger

Clare Josa has been an Inside Work Mentor to Entrepreneurs and Passionate World-Changers since 2002. She is a published author (five life-changing books) and an international speaker and trainer.

Change Your Life So You Can Change The World

With her unique blend of practical psychology, demystified Ancient Wisdom and a generous dollop of humour, she sets you free from those secret 3am doubts that had kept you stuck, dreaming big, but playing small.

Her Big Vision is to inspire and empower you to step into your Soul Shoes - that fearless place of freedom where you get to be who you really are and make the difference you are really here to make in the world, while still having time to hang out with those you love and enjoy the journey.

Clare Specialises In Making It Easy For You

Clare has been an NLP Trainer since 2003, so she is an expert in how to make it super-easy for you to learn new techniques and to create lifelong shifts, both at a conscious and subconscious level. And she'll help you deep-dive to the root causes of your challenges, so you can clear them out  once and for all - if that's what you want.

As a busy Mum, she knows how precious time can be and, as a reformed Mechanical Engineer, she has been trained in how to cut the 'fluff' out of processes. This means that her teachings are surprisingly simple and practical, yet highly effective, so you get results the results you need, often in less time than it takes a kettle to boil. 

She believes that most of us are taking life too seriously and she'd much rather you ditch out-of-date beliefs, hidden fears, excuses and even Imposter Syndrome by laughing and enjoying the ride than by drowning in snot.

What Else Does Clare Do?

When not changing the world (she has had meetings at Downing Street and given keynote speeches at the European Parliament for the EU VAT Action Campaign, which she co-led) or teaching in her yurt at her six acre retreat centre in East Sussex, UK, she loves organic gardening, dancing like a crazy lady in her kitchen, and spending time with her husband and their three young sons - ideally somewhere sunny with no internet...

Clare has been an entrepreneur since 2003 and, prior to that, was Head of Market Research for a major international brand. She is a member of the UK's Institute of Directors, speaking internationally on the essential 'inside work' for making a bigger difference the world.

Clare's latest book is Dare To Dream Bigger, which readers have dubbed the 'Inside Work MBA' for Entrepreneurs and Passionate World-Changers. It is available to order in all good book stores.

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