Claire-France Perez

Astrologer, writer, questions ponderer, pointer of the sky

I experienced the 80/20 rule by creating a highly detailed outline, this while sick and on my back for months. I was able to execute tasks when I had free time. Eight months later, when I finally had a peaceful routine in which I could attack my outline, I found to my surprise, I had completed almost all of it, months before I had planned the full execution. Even ill, and displaced from any home (staying at friends several weeks at a time for all that time) I completed and still fell short on the year: I had no goals left to complete and 2014 was not yet over. I had completely underestimated myself. Join me for an hour of humor and fun, and a demonstration in "What Comes Next?" The magical power of outlining your upcoming goals and plans: it's 80% preparation, 20% execution.

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