Cindy Flegel

Holistic Nutritionist

I am a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I have a BSc in Biology from the University of Western Ontario (and am obsessed with life-long learning).

My passion for women’s wellness came out of necessity, as I battled with my own hormone balance. Overwhelmed by information and misinformation, I felt there had to be practical ways for women to tune into their own bodies and bring health and happiness back into their daily life. In my nutrition practice, I believe in keeping things simple and practical, and that is the way my courses are designed. My philosophy for personal health is “Education. Empowerment. Ease.” I believe that if you learn about your own body and how it works, you will have more control of your health. This power gives you the ability to live your best life.

When I am not researching and teaching practical holistic nutrition information, I am leading cyclists and hikers on amazing vacations, coaching children in the fine art of alpine ski racing, or running up a mountain-side in my beautiful home, the Canadian Rockies.

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