Cincinnati Incorporated eLearning

Leading American Manufacturer of Metal Fab and PM Machinery

Cincinnati Incorporated was founded in 1898. We are America’s leading producer of metal
fabricating machinery including, press brakes, shears, laser cutting systems and material handling. In addition we produce powdered metal compacting presses.
CINCINNATI started production of press brakes and shears in the 1920s, utilizing plate steel to fabricate the structures instead of castings. The new material was more durable than cast iron used by others and CINCINNATI quickly gained the reputation of building strong reliable machines. In 1969 we changed our name from The Cincinnati Shaper Company to simply Cincinnati Incorporated.

In 1986 we sold our first laser cutting system. It included a revolutionary feature of dual
pallet material handling. Not only was it as rugged as our brakes and shears it was also more productive than other lasers and punching machines. In 1996 the CL-707 linear motor laser again revolutionized laser production of light gage parts. In 2010 the introduction of a fiber laser combined with the linear motors made the CL-920 another revolution. Material handling has
evolved from the simple dual pallets of the 1980s to the simple tower systems of the 1990s and the complete Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMSs) of the 2000s. Today’s line of CO2 and Fiber Lasers are supplemented with the latest Modular Material Handling Systems.

The other products are leading in technology as well. The Maxform Press Brake has the fastest ram motion of any brake. Combine that with a linear motor 6-Axis back gage and powerful control and off line programming and you have an unbeatable production machine. In order to get the most out of the Maxform it is important to understand how to get the most out of the programming system, called the Bend Simulation Module. Bend Simulation can also be used to program our other lines of press brakes that are designed to meet specific customer applications.

Traditionally our team of trainers host customers at our facility for classes that can last from one day to a week. We can also go to customer’s facilities to do training in person. CINCINNATI is using Udemy to supplement our face to face training for the over 50,000 machines that are in use building America.