Ciaran Brennan

Making Tradesmen More Money Online

Having started a carpentry business at a young age Ciaran Brennan very quickly realised the highly competitive natural of the construction industry. After his first business completely failed Ciaran began to study online and how he could integrate a trade business to fit with this new online and social trend. Ciaran managed this beautifully creating a manufacturing business for residential & commercial construction eventually selling to a larger organisation. His passion for trade business will be difficult to match "we're not natural marketers or salesmen, we're tradesmen but we need to keep up with new technologies especially those that can scale our businesses in a faction of the time"

Ciaran's passion for trade business has led him to great heights, his vision is to enable all tradesmen build a business of their dreams.

"There's only one reason your trade business should not be online in today's business world and that's if you don't like making money"

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