Chuck Clayton

Educator, Author, Mechanical Design and Development Engineer

Chuck Clayton teaches individuals high powered thinking skills to make powerful decisions and create a purpose driven life personally and professionally.

His goals are to help others:

* To become thought leaders, not followers
* Make confident decisions and stop repeating the same mistakes.
* Become proactive not reactive.
* Break through tough business and/or personal barriers.
* Have clarity of purpose.
* Set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals (SMART).

Chuck's experience is extensive.
His background is as a professional mechanical design and development engineer and problem solver. Chuck has also been a principal systems engineer and a principal quality engineer.

He has worked in several different industries and disciplines. He has worked on ground support equipment for the space shuttle, satellites, oilfield equipment, computers, and more. He has also had several small businesses, websites,and more.

Chuck has a BSME from Michigan Tech University and a MBA from Pepperdine University. He is a Certified Raytheon Six-Sigma expert and a Toastmaster Advanced Communicator Gold.

Chuck is the author of 3 books including: The Re-Discovery of Common Sense--A Guide to the Lost Art of Critical Thinking. This book has been used for several years as a primary text at the University of Missouri's online school Mizzou for a course called: Writing for the Critical Thinker.

In his spare time Chuck enjoys Argentine Tango, golf, traveling, working out, learning the internet, the early space program, and learning on a wide array of subjects.

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