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Cross Culture Expert at Udemy

People always talk about culture from the sense of interactions between groups of people like Americans, to Germans, or Italians to Asians, etc. But what about those of us who just want to make changes to our current everyday culture that we might not like? What about my culture of friends, businesses, or just how I'm living life? Many of us have had that moment in life when we know its time for change but don't know how or what to do. Our friends, family and business associates are not providing the vibrancy or energy needed to sustain each day. And it becomes harder and harder to interact with those people because there is nothing there.

I know what thats like first hand. I grew up in poverty and not much to look forward to. Death was as normal as blinking and many people didn't expect anything out of life because they had been so beat down by it. After several traumatic experiences before I was 18, my mother decided to move to another state that would change my life forever. Eventually my quality of life grew. My relationships became valuable and I grew as a person. But what I couldn't figure out was WHY? What made me different than everyone else? Why me? How is it that I was able to get past all of those circumstances and setbacks and still live a life I never dreamed of? Everyone I knew didn't make the change in his or her lives.

When I began to study the path of my life I found a framework that became my life's work. I found out that I was not the only one with this framework and that many were able to cross into multiple cultures and still maintain their AUTHENTICITY. This framework has become my life's work to share with everyone to help you See Beyond Your Current Culture.

If you are looking to change jobs, friends, industries, or deepen the level of your current relationships, this training is for you. If you have culture gaps that you want to close like Teachers to Student, Boss to Employee, Parent to Child, Pastor to Congregation, this is for YOU. The See Beyond Your Current Culture training programs help individuals make the necessary transitions to improve your quality of life.

I am the founder of My 1st Suit, an organization built to help young men 18-25 gain necessary exposure to quality men or all backgrounds and businesses. I enjoy training, coaching and professional development and seeing people make forward progress.

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