Christopher Orth

Game Designer, Instructor, Entrepreneur

Teaching has always been part of my life, because it’s so important to share what you learn. These days I mostly call myself a Game Designer, having worked on many high-profile titles launched on Playstation consoles, PC, and portable devices. But I’ve also worked as an Instructor, Team Leader, Technical Artist, Web Designer, Musician and Sound Designer. My own passion for learning has lead me to many avenues of contribution in this array of fun and fascinating fields.

I am currently the Chair of the Digital Media Arts advisory board for Bellevue College, in Bellevue WA. I create and share video tutorials about game design and audio production. I teach game development to groups of international students, in partnership with Experience America. I have a small indie team that is working on “project Seaside”, an FPS that is targeted to PS4, PC and Mac. And in any remaining free time, I still love to write songs and play games!

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