Christine Tripp

Instructor, Entrepreneur, Photographer and Student

Christine Tripp became a professional photographer over a decade ago. At weddings and events, she observes and predicts what will happen next in order to capture the perfect moment. As a business owner, with employees, Christine is often called a leader and project manager. She has assisted many clients in ways above and beyond that of a typical photographer.

As an instructor, Christine has helped hundreds of eager new photographers learn how to use their camera properly and has shown them how to make money with their photographic art. She has spoken numerous times in front of business groups on topics such as business networking, collaborating with others, social media and unique marketing concepts and strategies.

Whether she is behind her camera or teaching how to take great pictures, Christine's proven skill, talent, patience and friendly demeanour is just a few of the many reasons she is a well-known and much-liked business person and photographer.

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