Chris Spiek

Partner at The Re-Wired Group

I'm a Partner and Co-Founder at The Re-Wired Group, an innovation consultancy focused on enabling R&D functions within Fortune 500 companies to develop products that consumers love to buy and use.

Through the use of short, fast consulting engagements, and the incredibly popular one-day Switch Workshop , I teach people how to think differently about their consumers, and show them how to understand what motivates people to shop and buy.

I've been studying, refining, and applying Jobs-to-be-Done across a wide variety of industries for over 10 years (software, education, consumer-packaged-goods, healthcare, e-commerce, etc).   

Tune into my podcast, Jobs-to-be-Done Radio, on iTunes each week to hear Bob Moesta and I apply JTBD to different product development and marketing challenges (and hear about how companies like 37signals and others are applying the JTBD framework!).