Chris Padovano


After working at as an artist for Disney, Home Shopping Network, radio stations and TV stations, I wanted to do something that I could do on my terms, in my own time, and at my own home. A friend asked me to illustrate a children's book, and from there it has been a non stop career. I now have 80 children's books that I have illustrated for authors all over the world in print, and more coming out every month. I am currently involved with illustrating three series of books, THE WORLD OF COLOR OLORS, POOH POOH STINKS THE BUNNY, AND TANDY THE TEDDY. I also wrote and illustrate two of my own children's books under the title of ANGELS I HAVE KNOWN.

Having worked with dozens of publishers and printers I have become an expert on what is required to create a children's book and to sell a children's book. I knew that I would eventually get around to doing a video course on my knowledge, but wanted to do something instead of having an instructor sitting in front of the student, I animated the whole course, to make it entertaining as well as informative.

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