Chris Messenger

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Trainer

Commitment to excellence comes from deep within, often with no other option, your back against a wall, or a burning desire for more, to finish, to win. Excellence is the commitment that drives Chris Messenger to exceed the expectations not only of himself, but also of those around him.

Chris Messenger has an extensive background in human performance with over 10 years of experience training and developing thousands all over the world.

His expertise stems from training professional athletes to high level business executives on what it takes to win. He is the creater of the book "Think it Write it Live it", "Fitt Foundry" and the co-creator of "Fx Capital Traders".

Chris is known for sharing the stage and being mentored by "Bob Proctor" from the blockbuster hit "The Secret". He has spent countless hours traveling the world with Bob helping people understand the mind to aultimately improve their life and their income.

Chris continues to extend his knowledge and wisdom to others by coaching people on how to change their habits to get better results. He runs seminars and events in Toronto with his exclusive results-based course "Unlocking U", designed to develop awareness, focus and help people break through to their true potential.

So whether your are looking to improve your sales skills, get in the best shape of your life or simply find your purpose contact Chris today and let him help you get to that next level of your life.

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