Chris Lim

The Strategic Leader

I won’t tell you everything I know, that would be a very short conversation.  But I will tell you what you need to know to achieve your goals, manage your time better, be more productive, handle your money better, and how to be a great leader … all with less stress.  I guess that’s a big deal.

My Professional Experience Includes:

  • 14 years in Law Enforcement on the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
  • 11 years in Non-Profit Leadership
  • 8 years in Finance as a Branch Manager for Wells Fargo and as an Independent Financial Advisor
  • 5 years Coaching and Consulting Entrepreneurs
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

You can be successful by knowing what your strengths are and understanding how to apply your strengths to your work and play.  By doing that you will be fulfilled and you will have an impact on those around you.

I can help you identify what those strengths are and show you how to apply them to your life.  In short, my strength is making others better at what they do.

There are 4 key areas of your life that are essential; Faith, Financial, Fitness and Family.  I can help you manage your time and finances better and that will have a positive impact on each of those 4 essential areas, creating success and reducing stress.

Are You Ready?  Let’s Get Started!