Chris Halsted

Student and Amateur Historian

I am a Senior at Oberlin College in Ohio, double majoring in History and Latin with a minor in Mathematics. My favorite periods of history are the European Middle Ages and Roman Antiquity. I've been obsessed with history since middle school, and have always read whatever books I could get my hands on – my favorite was a history cataloguing the entire course of the Byzantine Empire. Both my parents are academics and have PhDs in History from the University of Michigan, so I grew up in an atmosphere suffused with history. I collaborate with my parents to create my courses, and teach them alongside my father, David Halsted. In the coming year, I'll be working on an honors project on the development of the German kingdom in the tenth century and how it progressed from a Frankish state tied in with the fates of East Francia, Lotharingia and Italy to a more centralized German state.

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