Chris Gilbert

Founder of YourPortfolio

Hello, my name is Chris. I am full-time pharmacist and an investing junkie.

I have been learning and studying personal finance and investing my whole life. Growing up my parents stressed the importance of saving money and investing in order to achieve financial freedom. However, it wasn't until I was nearing pharmacy school graduation that I realized I would soon be responsible for my own money and own investments.

So I decided to dust off all the old books my parents had given to me a long time ago and devoured as much information as I could. After re-reading great books from the authors such as Benjamin Graham, Seth Klarman, Warren Buffett, and Peter Lynch I quickly realized the best path towards financial freedom was in the stock market.

I also learned these great investors followed many of the same principles, such as buying great companies with excellent management at discounted prices. After a few years of following this strategy and successfully investing by myself, I decided to create YourPortfolio, a website dedicated to teaching individual investors that investing is not hard, not time consuming, and not expensive.

I also created the YourPortfolio Software, a powerful tool determined to be the only resource investors need (shameless plug). With this software you can plug in a stock symbol and view financial statements, see intrinsic valuations, interpret financial ratios, and even manage your own portfolio. So check out the website and the YourPortfolio Software when you get the time.

Since I am a visual learner, I decided to create a course on Udemy as well. Sign up and take your first step towards financial freedom.

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