Chris Cole

Online Marketer, Entrepreneur, Coach, Business Owner

My name is Chris Cole and I'm from Northern Ireland, part of the UK. I've been marketing online for over 5 years now but I have also run many offline successful businesses

I have invested a lot of time immersed in; Amazon associates, Affiliate marketing, understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ranking websites & videos within the search engines, and making sales as a marketer online, as well as creating my very own library of digital and educational products.

Further – and more to the point of my products - I've noticed that many don't know how to run and scale their online businesses - because of this - they make mistakes in their online efforts and the methods they use to go about growing their online business.

As a result the most of my training courses are there to help you advance with your business and of course increasing your sales and commissions online. (helping you to make more money) :)

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