Chris Basener

Guitar Coach @ Udemy, Author and Solo Artist

Hi, I'm Chris Basener.

I am a graduate of the Munich Guitar Institute (MGI) in Germany where I studied with French Jazz/Fusion Maestro Phillippe Caillat and Mario Neunkirchen, Author of the Fusion Guitar Workbook (Voggenreiter Verlag).

As a product specialist and demonstrator for the US music instrument company Line 6, I have done many clinics and demos at trade shows and fairs across Europe (Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and the UK) performing to thousands of people.

I also teach guitar students in my private guitar studio and via online lessons.

After over a decade of working in the music industry, performing, presenting, demonstrating and teaching I have a lot of information to share with you.

I have also released an instructional book on alternate picking called ‘The Essential Guide to Alternate Picking’.

In addition I have released several articles on guitar gear and playing techniques.

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