Chris Pimmer

Thinker, Writer, Philosopher, Poet and Taoist

My name is Chris Pimmer,

I am as stated above, a thinker, a writer, a poet, a philosopher, a Taoist and much more.

For 11 years I have studied at the University of Hamburg, Germany, some of my subjects were. Linguistics, Economics (BWL), Psychology, Music Science and Computer Programming. 

I speak four languages (used to be five, but I lost my french after never using it), Portugues, Spanish, English and of course German. 

Since 1990 I play the Piano (Mostly things like Pop, I loveme some Billy Joel). I am also an ok chess player.

Ever since my late teens I have been into reading and learning, but I noticed that often times my learning would work a little different than that of the institutions I studied at.

I have lived and studied in Recife, Brazil for 1 year back in 2006 (at the university ferderal de pernambuco: UFPE), during that time I lived in a martial arts academy, training mostly capoeira. For about 10+ years I also played high performance Basketball. Most recently I spent 6 months living in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, to widen my horizon. I have spent time (3+ weeks) in quite a lot of countries to learn from different teachers and masters in a form of mentorship, things that one does not certificates for, but are applicable in many situations. (Sweden, UK and the USA). 

In the past I was Founded a small Record label, where we published a couple Albums and Music Videos (our main artists name is CAZINO) and also helped Co-Founding the first Warehouse Gym in Hamburg. Back when the internet was still relatively new, I taught myself HTML, CSS, PHP as well as graphic design, to create an online presence for small businesses.

For 11 years I have been personally mentoring some young students on many subjects, such as Basketball, thinking, decision making and others and recently I have opened up this mentoring and teaching to a wider audience and with Udemy I hope to be able to connect with many of you, so that we can all learn from each other.

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