Chris LaForest

Success Coach, Sales Trainer, Motivational Speaker

Living on the cusp of the latest generational gap, Chris has learned to balance the best of both worlds. He treads lightly in the old mindsets of the 20th century and steps boldly into the millennium as a thought leader.

Professionally, Chris is a lifelong veteran of commission sales. He has been awarded top sales rep awards for every position he has held within fields of electronics, insurance, home services, construction and consulting. He’s held positions in front line management and directorial leadership in the corporate sector, as well. He has attended over 200 seminars and workshops in the last 15 years, averaging one per month for his entire career. He’s balanced this with being on stage and in front of audiences and classes even more.

Personally, he has led an extremely diverse life from growing up in poverty to traveling the greatest land on earth in a van. He’s served the county overseas in the US Army as an intelligence officer, and played jazz trumpet for a garage band. He tries to learn from every experience and translate it to a valuable tool for others.

Chris’s focus on consistent, continued education for himself shows in his passion when delivering it to others. He maintains a near inexhaustible energy level when speaking for his audience.

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