Chimeren Peerbhai

Wearable Technology Enthusiast

My name is Chimeren and I'm absolutely passionate about wearable technologies. I'd say I'm a futurist, an early adopter, digital strategist and overall tech enthusiast at heart. But besides my obvious passion for all things digital what gives me credibility to teach this course?

Well, I've had an interesting career path and have played roles from starting as a technology designer and developer, to progressing on to found my own successful creative agency in Los Angeles and later moving into the corporate world, fulfilling roles from senior eLearning developer to interactive creative director. Prior to these roles, I worked as a global digital strategy manager for a Fortune 500 company and was in charge of conception and roll out of digital and social strategy road maps across 5 divisions in over 130 countries. I've also been a director of product management for a London based digital healthcare company developing software products that incorporate machine learning, wearables and applications to help patients with neurological diseases. So I've had some experience both in marketing for large enterprises and developing new products tied to wearables within mid-size companies.

In addition, I've recently completed my MBA master's of business administration program, which allowed me to spend a large amount of time researching wearable technologies and interviewing key industry leaders, as part of my dissertation on wearable technologies. My dissertation ultimately led to me being awarded distinction and was published by my university. I feel that this diverse experience has put me in a unique position to have many insights from different angles to help brand's approach integrating wearables into their current business and marketing plans. Which is why I formed Versastyle Consulting and have developed this course in which I hope to share with you my insights gained from extensive experience across functions covering creative, technical development, marketing and business strategy that I hope you will derive value from.

I'm here to take you on a journey, to help you imagine a future world. As well as, help your brand explore exciting new marketing channels and ways to create more engaging and relevant customer experiences, so your consumers will love your brand! So let's begin our journey together!

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